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Converts SQLite to dbf, xls, pdf, doc, xml, csv, txt, sql. Creates reports in xls, doc, html


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Visual Query Builder
Export to txt, html, excel
Import from various formats
OLAP (Desicion cube)
Report creator
Visual table designer
Edit table data by grid (form)
BLOB viewer, autodetect data format

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sqlite converter DB Elephant SQLite Converter is an easy-to use converting tool for SQLite databases. It correctly exports data from tables to various formats. If you are looking for a program that will automatically convert SQLite databases to pdf, doc, xls, or html, this is the one you need.

One of the main advantages of this database converter is a range of adjustable settings that help to export tables in proper data format, skipping unnecessary fields. Using these settings you can:

  • Set format for various data types
  • Edit header and footer for output copies
  • Add fieldsí captions
  • Set paper format (for PDF and PDF formats)
  • Select specific fields for conversion.

DB Elephant Converter performs about 10 different conversion types, such as converting SQLite tables to DBF, XML, CSV, TXT, and SQL. A process of conversion is the same for all types, and it is very simple. Just connect to proper database setting its location, select tables for conversion, format and make settings if necessary. Itís the quickest way to make a report based on table data. And also it is a very convenient way to export SQLite data to another database format like SQL or Access.

DB Elephant SQLite Converter supports command line mode, so you can easily run conversions via cmd processor. The program automatically generates command for this after you specify conversion parameters. You can use it for further conversions too.

If you need to insert converting feature for web interface, DB Elephant SQLite Converter supports ActiveX. So the program can work on a web server as well. To see how it works, get a free copy here, and you will be able to use it during 30 days for free!

Command line and ActiveX is available in the registered version


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