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Converts MSSQL database to Oracle Server database. Support tables, indexes, views and more.


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ms sql to oracleThere is an easy and quick way to convert MS SQL database to Oracle. You do not need to perform manual data export that in case of big databases requires hours and even days of your time. Let DB Elephant Converter to do this work for you.

DB Elephant MSSQL to Oracle Converter is able to export information from one format to another without any mismatches. The Oracle copy of your data tables will be identical to source MS SQL tables. That is why using this utility is much safer than manual copy pasting. It is very comfortable to export separate data selections to Oracle database from MS SQL storage. Just save this selection to separate table and then convert this table to Oracle using DB Elephant Converter. The process of conversion is very simple and fast. All you need to do is to:

  • Set connection to source MS SQL database server
  • Set connection to target Oracle database server
  • Select tables for conversion
  • Start conversion

Additionally you can export meta information such as foreign keys, users, views, table constraints, etc. The process of configuring will take you a minute, while the rest will be done by DB Elephant Converter. While it exports your data to Oracle database, you can spend your time on other things.

The converter also can be run from the command line. In such a way you can perform conversions in background mode, with no need to launch graphic interface. It is comfortable, when you need to process big databases. You can try MS SQL to Oracle Converter for free, as it is available in trial version. Download it now and test on your database!

Command line and ActiveX is available in the registered version


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