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interbase converterInterbase is a database management system from Borland. It is rather rare in use, so having an Interbase DB implies problems in compatibility with other, more popular database management products. If you have Interbase database, you can easily extract information from it with the help of DB Elephant Interbase Converter.

This utility supports Interbase as source format and is able to export these databases to various data formats. If you want to convert it to other DB type, you can choose between the following formats:

  • SQL
  • DBF
  • CSV
  • XML

More common document types for conversion are also available, such as TXT, DOC, PDF or XLS. DB Elephant converter is able to recognize specific data structure of one DB type and correctly export data to another format without any errors. It is even able to turn your Interbase tables to ready-made HTML pages, so that you can post them online without any further edits.

DB Elephant Interbase Converter can process tables in batch. In this way you can convert the entire database within a few mouse clicks. The program will produce a separate file for each data table, saving the original structure (columns, rows). When setting conversion parameters, you can adjust header and footer, adding some service information into them. This can be any texts you wish. When converting a single table, you can also set captions for table fields.

Besides handy graphic interface that features navigation box, table viewer and format bar you can also handle conversions via command line. In this way you set conversion by a single command with various parameters you need. All they are described in Help menu together with proper command samples. You will easily get familiar with command line mode.

DB Elephant Interbase Converter is available in free trial version, so you can try it on your database for free before the purchase. Converters for other database types are also available here.

Command line and ActiveX is available in the registered version


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Complete list of supported conversions

  • Interbase to html
  • Interbase to xls
  • Interbase to pdf
  • Interbase to doc
  • Interbase to Access
  • Interbase to mdb
  • Interbase to dbf
  • Interbase to xml
  • Interbase to csv
  • Interbase to txt
  • Interbase to sql

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